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The Choreographic Archive of Siobhan Davies Dance

Guest Scrapbooks

Scott deLahunta

Scott deLahunta is one of a number of collaborators and associates invited to explore the archive and create a guest scrapbook. The pathway below provides a glimpse into the route he took through the archive and why.

Although I had heard and read about Siobhan's work, we first met in February 2001 to prepare for a research project called Software for Dancers. I was privileged to learn a lot about Siobhan's making process during these research discussions (also involving Shobana Jeyasingh, Ashley Page and Wayne McGregor). A year and a half later, I was invited to sit in on rehearsal of Plants and Ghosts and was fascinated by that material, and it took me back to our discussions about making methods the year before. I wrote in an email to Siobhan after how watching the rehearsal reminded me why I remain deeply committed to dance and choreography.

Siobhan and I continued to meet up through some sort of loosely organised, but not overly directed path crossing. I was fortunate enough to be in London and catch Birdsong at the Royal Opera House. I remember the lighting in particular – so am delighted to find that on the archive I can access more detailed information about that element in Adrian Plaut’s notes. I remember we sat down at some point for a discussion near Covent Garden about making a 'piece about ideas'; and this was in the lead up period to the creation of In Plain Clothes which featured ‘pre-show talks’ with a number of practitioners from different fields/ some of these are accessible also on the archive.

One of the ideas that came out of the Software for Dancers session was an annotation tool for video. This proposal eventually became RotoSketch, a software program I worked on with Zachary Lieberman (programmer/ artist) and Susan Rethorst (choreographer). Siobhan and I met up along with Catherine James - sometime in 2005 I think – in Cardiff for a conference, which is where I informed them we had started to develop the software; and we started to lay plans for the last major r&d session we had with RotoSketch during the Bank Project 2006. There Zach and I were fortunate enough to work with Sarah Warsop, Deb Saxon, Tammy Arjona and the Project participants to explore 'in-situ' further refinements to the program.

Scott deLahunta

Scott deLahunta. Photograph: Thomas Lenden

Scott deLahunta works from his base in Amsterdam as a researcher, writer and organiser on a wide range of international projects bringing performing arts with a focus on choreography into conjunction with other disciplines and practices. He is an Associate Research Fellow at Dartington College of Arts and Research Fellow with the Art Theory and Research and Art Practice and Development Research Group, Amsterdam School for the Arts. He was recently appointed R-Research Director of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance.

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