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The Choreographic Archive of Siobhan Davies Dance

Guest Scrapbooks

A number of close collaborators and associates have been invited to create guest scrapbooks having spent some time exploring the archive. These scrapbooks provide a glimpse into the path they took through the archive and why.

Scott deLahunta. Photograph: Thomas Lenden

Scott deLahunta

Choreography and Dance

“Although I had heard and read about Siobhan's work, we first met in February 2001 to prepare for a research project called Software for Dancers. I was privileged to learn a lot about Siobhan's making process during these research discussions...”

Ruth Little

A Map of ‘Choice and Chance’

“I went in at the point where I first met Siobhan Davies and became interested in both her practice and in the work of Cape Farewell. But I’d never seen this piece, despite having read about it and travelled through the same arctic landscape the following year...”

Sanjoy Roy, 1

Scrapbook of pre-1988 Works

“Why 1988? Because that was the first time I’d seen a piece by Siobhan Davies. I’m not sure I’d even heard of her before, but I do remember that double-bill of Wyoming and White Man Sleeps made a big impression, and was certainly one of the experiences that marked the beginning of my serious dance-going...”

Sanjoy Roy, 2

Selected Lectures and Talks

“What, why and how were the reasons I made the second scrapbook. One way that I learn about dance is by watching a lot of it, and writing about some of it. But another way is by listening to artists talking about what they do, and why, and how. It’s very often eye-opening, and it always alerts me to things I hadn’t known, or hadn’t understood, or hadn’t noticed...”

Becky Swain

Exploring the Making Process

“I consider myself as someone who does not know much about dance and often find a company's description of pieces impenetrable. To my delight the archive allows anyone to get under the surface of some of the dance works and explore the making process...”